Karthik Baddam

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Dual Rail Precharge circuits offer an effective way to address Differential Power Analysis Attacks, provided routing of differential signals is fully balanced. Fat Wire [1] and Backend Duplication [2] methods address this problem. However they do not consider the effect of coupling capacitance on adjacent differential signals. In this paper we propose a new(More)
Differential power analysis (DPA) attack is a major concern for secure embedded devices (Ravi et al., 2004)-(Ors et al., 2004). Currently proposed countermeasures (Pramstaller, 2005)-(Tin and Verbauwhede, 2004) to prevent DPA imposes significant area, power and performance overheads. In addition they either require special standard cell library and design(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, clinical practice guidelines were developed by a multidisciplinary team for patients with infections admitted to a surgical intensive care unit (ICU). DESIGN A 51-day baseline audit period (Phase I) in a 20-bed (private rooms) surgical ICU was compared with a 34-day period in the same unit after implementation of the guidelines(More)
Superficial fungal infections of the skin are a common presentation in clinical practice. Any skin surface, the mucous membranes, nail plates, and nail beds can be affected. Tinea pedis is the most common fungal infection and may affect up to 70% of the adult population worldwide. Ubiquitous candidal organisms are found in the oral flora of many healthy(More)
Consecutive patients with pneumonia, treated with cefepime (n = 66) or ceftazidime (n = 132), were evaluated in a retrospective, observational study. There was no significant difference between the two treatment groups with respect to age, underlying diseases, acute physical and chronic health evaluation score, intensive care unit admission, presence of(More)
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