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Knee dislocations are devastating when they occur on the athletic field or secondary to motor sports. The complexity of presentation and spectrum of treatment options makes these injuries unique and extremely challenging to even the most experienced knee surgeons. An astute appreciation of the treatment algorithm is essential to plan individualized(More)
Gastrointestinal stromal tumors(GIST) have become a well established entity and its taxonomy is no more ambiguous. Better understanding of the cell of origin and immunohistochmical markers have made this possible. Their treatment has been revolutionized with the advent of targeted molecular therapy, namely Imatinib mesylate. Herein we report a rare and(More)
Severe accidental hypothermia is a life threatening emergency associated with a high morbidity and mortality rate when untreated. Although common in the cold countries, hypothermia has never been reported in South India which has a tropical climate. We report, what we believe is the first documented case of severe accidental hypothermia (core temperature of(More)
Aim : To evaluate the role of dexa scan and assessment of risk factors as predictors for fragility hip fracture. Method : Prospective study of 240 patients with suspected osteoporosis and underwent dexa scan.The inclusion criteria are patients above 50 years of age and trivial injury. The exclusion criteria are any pathological fracture, age below 50 years,(More)
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