Karthic Madanagopal

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A recent trend in the popular health news is, reporting the dangers of prolonged inactivity in one's daily routine. The claims are wide in variety and aggressive in nature, linking a sedentary lifestyle with obesity and shortened lifespans [25]. Rather than enforcing an individual to perform a physical exercise for a predefined interval of time, we propose(More)
The goal of the Data Integration and Predictive Analysis System (IPAS) is to enable prediction, analysis, and response management for incidents of infectious diseases. IPAS collects and integrates comprehensive datasets of previous disease incidents and potential influencing factors to facilitate multivariate, predictive analytics of disease patterns,(More)
This paper describes the motivations, methods, and automation architecture of a framework for multisource Semantic Information extraction & Fusion for collaborative Threat assessment (SIFT). First, the technical and pragmatic challenges that motivate the research ideas are summarized. Next, a characterization of the activities for generating decision(More)
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