Karsten Schulz

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Ecosystem restoration by rewetting of degraded fens led to the new formation of large-scale shallow lakes in the catchment of the River Peene in NE Germany. We analyzed the biomass and the nutrient stock of the submersed (Ceratophyllum demersum) and the floating macrophytes (Lemna minor and Spirodela polyrhiza) in order to assess their influence on temporal(More)
In many practical classification problems the severeness of misclassifications depends on the semantics of true and predicted class in the underlying domain. We present such a problem from machine vision, where additionally the class probabilities are extremely unbalanced. Due to their in-terpretability neuro-fuzzy classifiers axe a popular way to extract(More)
Nearest neighbor (NN) techniques are commonly used in remote sensing, pattern recognition and statistics to classify objects into a predefined number of categories based on a given set of predictors. These techniques are especially useful in those cases exhibiting highly nonlinear relationship between variables. In most studies the distance measure is(More)
Ten years ago PSInSAR was invented by Ferretti et. al. [1], [2], [3]. Since than it has proven to be a valuable operational method for monitoring movements of the earths surface accompanying a variety of phenomena, like volcanic or tectonic activity, landslides, draining and refilling of aquifers, extraction of oil or gas, mining and other underground(More)