Karsten Krohn

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We investigated the cellular tropism of human B-lymphotropic virus (HBLV) (also designated Human Herpesvirus-6) in vitro by infecting fresh MN cells from normal human adult peripheral blood, umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, tonsil, and thymus. Cultures from all the sources examined contained infectable cells, as shown by the appearance of characteristic(More)
Signs of latent HIV infection were sought in stored serum samples collected before overt seroconversion, confirmed by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), from 9 subjects with human-immunodeficiency-virus (HIV) infection, in serum from 25 seronegative sexual partners of HIV-seropositive men and from 23 other seronegative, homosexually active men. Free(More)
BACKGROUND The recently described navigator proteins have a multifaceted role in cytoskeletal dynamics. We report here on the relevance of one of them, navigator 3 (NAV3), in colorectal cancer (CRC). METHODS We analysed changes in chromosome 12 and NAV3 copy number in CRC/adenoma samples of 59 patients and in 6 CRC cell lines, using fluorescence in situ(More)
In a prospective follow-up volunteer study lasting 4 to 16 months, 17 of 200 homosexual men living in Finland had antibodies to human T-lymphotrophic virus type III (HTLV-III). 1 man who initially had a low titre of HTLV-III antibodies became seronegative within 6 months without any symptoms developing, and a seronegative man became seropositive. 14 men had(More)
Phytochemical investigations of the endophytic fungus of an unidentified Ascomycete, isolated from Meliotus dentatus led to the isolation of two new polyketide metabolites named cis-4-acetoxyoxymellein and 8-deoxy-6-hydroxy-cis-4-acetoxyoxymellein. The structures of the two new polyketides were confirmed on the basis of 1D and 2D NMR techniques. Preliminary(More)
Alpinia purpurata or red ginger was studied for its phytochemical constituents as part of our growing interest on Philippine Zingiberaceae plants that may exhibit antimycobacterial activity. The hexane and dichloromethane subextracts of the leaves were fractionated and purified using silica gel chromatography to afford a mixture of C(28)-C(32) fatty(More)
The reactivities of intrathecal and serum IgG and IgM, and IgG1-4 subclass antibodies to various HIV-1 proteins were assessed by immunoblotting at various stages of HIV-1 infection. All patients were examined neurologically including CT and/or MRI, and with HIV-1-specific and nonspecific tests of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). In early infection, the(More)
The present study describes peripheral blood (PB) and CSF T-lymphocyte subpopulations in 55 MS patients with and without acute exacerbation and compares the results with those obtained from 8 with CNS infections and 45 with other neurological disorders or symptoms (OND). The MS patients were most strongly characterized by a decline of their CSF(More)
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