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BACKGROUND Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) has been suggested to mediate activation of Müller glial cells in the ischemic-hypoxic retina. However, the intracellular pathways activated by bFGF in human Müller cells have been little explored. We characterized the signaling transduction pathways which are involved in the control and growth factor-evoked(More)
PURPOSE To compare the gene expression pattern of control postmortem retinas with retinas from patients with proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR), to determine the expression of the heparin binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor (HB-EGF) by glial cells in fibroproliferative membranes, and to examine whether cells of the human Müller cell line,(More)
In this paper we describe a concept of the recommender system for col-laborative real time web based editing in the context of creativity sessions. The col-laborative real time editing provides creativity teams of which members are physically distributed with an emulation of the synchronous collaboration where presence of the team members is required(More)
Induced chemical defense reactions are widespread in marine brown algae. Despite the evidence that the biosynthesis of defense metabolites can be up-regulated upon herbivory, we do not know how this regulation of biosynthetic pathways to secondary metabolites is achieved in brown algae. In higher plants, the phytohormone jasmonic acid (JA) is crucial for(More)
This is report surveys KIWI­related work in the personalization domain. It discusses various approaches from adaptive hypermedia, user modelling, and semantic web which deal with personalization. It gives some suggestions on potential personalization strategies which can exploit knowledge structures about user and knowledge resources. The Personalization(More)
Mycophenolate mofetil, the morpholinoethylester of mycophenolic acid, is an immunosuppressant used in combination with ciclosporin (cyclosporin) and corticosteroids to prevent organ rejection after heart and kidney transplantations. The drug seems also to be effective in dermal diseases after systemic administration. However, up to date mycophenolate(More)
A sensitive and selective method for the quantification of mycophenolate mofetil and its active metabolite mycophenolic acid in different human skin layers after dermal administration is presented. The skin layers were separated after in vitro penetration experiments and a methanolic extraction was performed. Positive ion electrospray HPLC-MS in selected(More)
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