Karsten Hinrichs

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Molecular self-assembly, the function of biomembranes and the performance of organic solar cells rely on nanoscale molecular interactions. Understanding and control of such materials have been impeded by difficulties in imaging their properties with the desired nanometre spatial resolution, attomolar sensitivity and intermolecular spectroscopic specificity.(More)
Optical imaging of neuronal network activity yields information of spatial dynamics which generally is analyzed visually. The transient appearance of spatial activity patterns is difficult to gauge in a quantifiable manner, or may even altogether escape detection. Here, we employ geometric shape matching using Fréchet distances or straight skeletons to(More)
A set of newly synthesized aryl-substituted amides of 16-mercaptohexadecanoic acid (R = 4-OH; 3,5-di-OH) are self-assembled on Au(111) substrate. Self assembled monolayers (SAMs) formed by these molecules are studied by ellipsometry from infrared to visible spectral range. Best fit calculations based on the three-phase optical model are employed in order to(More)
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