Karsten Durst

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a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Articular cartilage Biological materials Indentation Time-dependent mechanical properties Storage and loss modulus Dynamic nanoindentation Articular cartilage is a poroelastic (biphasic) material with a complex deformation behavior, which can be considered elastic–viscoelastic. In this article, articular porcine cartilage is(More)
Discussing about An ad-hoc network in today's world is like, it is an emerging technology of wireless nodes forming a network that is infrastructure less. So it can be said that without any established infrastructure. There are a lot of routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks to have efficient routing. In this paper there are two types of networks; one(More)
A series of articles by Kaupp et al. have recently been published in "Scanning," containing erroneous claims about the curvature of pyramidal nanoindentation loading curves. The present paper recalls the theoretical reasons why, for self-similar indenter shapes like pyramidal or conical indentations, the load scales with the indentation depth squared.(More)
  • Importanta Proiectului, Jabotinsky-Rubin, K Durst, R Levitin, La, Moscovich Dg +20 others
  • 2009
din nucleul accumbens. disorders due to brain manganese deposition in a jaundiced patient receiving long-term parenteral nutrition. JPEN J Parenter EntcralNutr.2/; 41-45 2. Anderson RA, Polansky MM. Dietary and metabolite effects on trivalent chromium retention and distribution in rats. 2000 Brain manganese deposition and blood levels in patients undergoing(More)
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