Karsten Bsufka

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The future telecommunications world will induce significant changes to the involved actors as well as to the quality and quantity of offered services. This article points out the determining factors, trends, and demands for infrastructure functionality of future service architecures and then motivates why an agent-based approach is adequate as underlying(More)
We present NeSSi, the Network Security Simulator, a simulation environment that is based on the service-centric agent platform JIAC. It focuses on network security-related scenarios such as attack analysis and evaluation of countermeasures. We introduce the main NeSSi concepts and discuss the motivation for realizing them with agent technology. Then, we(More)
Due to increased complexity, scale, and functionality of information and telecommunication (IT) infrastructures, every day new exploits and vulnerabilities are discovered. These vulnerabilities are most of the time used by malicious people to penetrate these IT infrastructures for mainly disrupting business or stealing intellectual properties. Current(More)
We present a virtual test bed for network security evaluation in mid-scale telecommunication networks. Migration from simulation scenarios towards the test bed is supported and enables researchers to evaluate experiments in a more realistic environment. We provide a comprehensive interface to manage, run and evaluate experiments. On basis of a concrete(More)