Karsten Boye Rasmussen

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The TGF-beta family of growth factors has been extensively studied and found to play major roles in bone physiology and disease. A novel, TGF-beta-inducible early gene (TIEG) in normal human fetal osteoblasts (hFOB) has been identified using differential-display PCR. Using this differentially expressed cDNA fragment of TIEG to screen a hOB cDNA library, a(More)
Serotonergic neurons were recorded in the nucleus centralis superior (NCS) in freely moving cats and were initially identified on-line by their slow and regular spontaneous activity (mean 2.55 +/- 0.21 spikes/s). Discharge rates of NCS serotonergic neurons were highest during active waking (AW) (mean 2.94 +/- 0.28 spikes/s), decreased during slow-wave sleep(More)
The single unit activity of presumed noradrenergic (NE) neurons in the area of the locus coeruleus (LC) was recorded in freely moving cats. Consistent with previous reports, the activity of LC neurons was found to be state dependent: active waking greater than quiet waking greater than slow wave sleep greater than REM sleep (virtually silent). The activity(More)
A series of experiments were carried out in which the single unit activity of presumed noradrenergic (NE) neurons in the area of the locus coeruleus (LC) was examined in freely moving cats during two conditioning paradigms and in response to pharmacologic manipulations relevant to anxiety. LC unit activity was examined during conditioned emotional response(More)
[l-(14)C]Propionate administered intravenously was metabolized to methylmalonate, to 3-hydroxypropionate, and to methylcitrate in the urine of a patient with methylmalonic acidemia. L-[U-(14)C]Isoleucine and L-[U-(14)C]valine were also converted to urinary methylmalonate and to 3-hydroxypropionate in the patient. Two patients with propionic acidemia due to(More)
The clinical and biochemical abnormalities in a neonate, who died in coma accompanied by severe hypoglycaemia at the age of 3 days, are described. The study of the urinary metabolic profiles of organic acids and amino acids revealed that the excretion rates of glutaric acid, isovaleric acid, isovalerylglycine, 3-hydroxyisovaleric acid and isobutyric acid(More)
In humans, glucocorticoids are known to have marked effects on bone metabolism and function, including the significant regulation of osteoblast cells. To aid in the understanding of the mechanism of glucocorticoid action on normal human osteoblasts (hOB), confluent cells were analyzed for the presence of glucocorticoid receptors (GR) as well as for the(More)
The investigation of the brain from a seven-day-old girl who died from a disorder in the metabolism of methylmalonic acid revealed a severe reactive gliosis of the cerebral white matter and the deeper layers of the cortex, incomplete development of the fetal granular layer of the cerebellum and the Bergmann glial cells, and delayed myelination of the(More)
An online blind source separation algorithm, which is a special case of the geometric algorithm by Parra and Fancourt (Book chapt. in: Noise Reduction in Speech App., Ed. Gillian Davis, CRC Press LLC, 2002), has been implemented for the purpose of separating sounds recorded by microphones placed at each side of the head. By using the assumption that the(More)