Karsten Boye Rasmussen

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An online blind source separation algorithm, which is a special case of the geometric algorithm by Parra and Fancourt (Book chapt. in: Noise Reduction in Speech App., Ed. Gillian Davis, CRC Press LLC, 2002), has been implemented for the purpose of separating sounds recorded by microphones placed at each side of the head. By using the assumption that the(More)
OBJECTIVES At each patient contact general practitioners enter information about the diagnoses and the interventions in the electronic medical record (EMR) system. If there is only one diagnosis during a single patient-physician contact, then a causal connection between the diagnosis and the intervention is established. Otherwise it is uncertain what may(More)
The management process in company networks often imposes the challenging task to select or orchestrate members of the network into a particular set (network actor set) that delivers the "best fit" for an incoming inquiry to the network. The constraints are implied by the given inquiry, company offerings, and the current economical and collaboration status(More)
Companies in collaborative networks require intermediation to perform. The collaborative network forms the breeding environment for the configuration of a Virtual Enterprise that can handle a business request. This configuration task can be supported by IT services. For collaborative networks such as production networks focused on non-digital services and(More)
Well-informed network participants are a necessity for successful collaboration in business networks. The widespread knowledge of the many aspects of the network is an effective vehicle to promote trust within the network, successfully resolve conflicts, and build a prospering collaboration climate. Despite their natural interest in being well informed(More)