Karsten A. Verbeurgt

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This paper provides a computational characterization of coherence that applies to a wide range of philosophical problems and psychological phenomena. Maximizing coherence is a matter of maximizing satisfaction of a set of positive and negative constraints. After comparing five algorithms for maximizing coherence, we show how our characterization of(More)
The purpose of this report is provide a critical reading of Verbeugt, Dinolfo and Fayer (2004) paper, Extracting Patterns in Music for Composition via Markov Chains, as well as to study the results of Bühlmann and Wyner (1999) Variable Length Markov Chains as an alternate estimation method. Simulations and an application to J. S. Bach's Two-Part Invention(More)
— One of the characteristic features of the World Wide Web is that it allows anyone to publish web pages, and to link their pages to any other web pages. The emergent result of this process is that communities arise that are focused around subjects of common interest. Identifying these communities can be challenging, due to the large size of the web graph(More)
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