Karrupiah Mahalingham

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We studied prospectively 81 consecutive patients undergoing hip surgery using the Hardinge (1982) approach. The abductor muscles of the hip in these patients were assessed electrophysiologically and clinically by the modified Trendelenburg test. Power was measured using a force plate. We performed assessment at two weeks, and at three and nine months after(More)
A type-II superlattice (SL) of InAs-InGaSb has been grown on a compliant GaAs substrate by molecular beam epitaxy. This SL was designed for photoconductive infrared (IR) detection in the long wavelength IR band. The spectral photoresponse of this SL shows a sharp onset at 76.9 meV and a corresponding cutoff wavelength at 13.9 /spl mu/m. A sixfold increase(More)
Hand injuries due to longitudinal forces in the line of the metacarpals demonstrate unusual dislocation patterns. We describe a case of volar intra-articular fracture dislocation of the ring finger carpometacarpal joint in association with a pure dorsal dislocation of the little finger carpometacarpal joint. Open reduction supplemented with Kirschner wire(More)
BACKGROUND Road deaths fell initially after the introduction of the penalty points but despite this, the rate of spinal injuries remained unchanged. AIMS We report a patient with a dramatic spinal injury, though without neurological deficit. We discuss the classification, management and economic impact of these injuries. METHODS We describe the(More)
Quadriceps tendon rupture is a common injury, particularly in the elderly. Transosseous suture repair is the standard reconstruction. Cerclage wire augmentation is advocated to protect the surgical repair and allow earlier rehabilitation. We present a case of this injury in which we elected to employ two different methods of repair augmentation using Ticron(More)
Pelvic insufficiency fracture (PIF) occurs when the quality of the bone is compromised due to various reasons. A trivial injury can lead to a pathological fracture. These fractures are usually stable and are managed by conservative means. If the fracture pattern is unstable, it mandates some form of surgical fixation. An appropriate method of fixation in(More)
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