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This bibliography lists all published methodological works (statistical methodology, implementation methodology, review papers, descriptions of software) in the area of population pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics up to 1993 and all published works describing applications of population pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics up to 1992.
One of the major contributing factors to the nursing shortage in Colorado and nationally is a scarcity of clinical faculty required to prepare new nurses. This article describes an innovative, collaborative project that purposefully prepares staff nurses to assume the role of clinical scholar. Although there are several models that have sought to make(More)
A model for coaching in nursing is described. Criteria for selecting a coach are discussed. Competencies for a coach are recommended. In addition, guidelines for caching sessions are provided as well as an example of an action plan outline to help the coachee identify areas of desired growth and options for developing these areas.
The nursing faculty shortage will have a fundamental impact on the ability to produce nurses. For most nursing schools and states, however, concerns about the relative merits of different solutions to the nursing faculty shortage are misplaced. Without significantly increased visibility and definition, accompanied by a clear public, private, and health care(More)
Being clear about what constitutes professional behavior is a pathway to effective leadership. Not all nurses come out of educational programs with an understanding about what aspects of behavior signal true professionalism. This article uses the American Organization of Nurse Executives' Nurse Executive Competency for Processional Behavior to help(More)