Karoline Leonhardt

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the role of the fimbriated end and nonfimbriated epithelium of fallopian tubes with regard to p53 signature, tubal intraepithelial lesions in transition (TILT), and serous tubal in-situ carcinoma (STIC) in cases of different kinds of serous pelvic cancer. This study immunohistochemically evaluated (by Ki-67 and(More)
Recent new data in the pathogenesis of serous pelvic cancer and the introduction of serous tubal in situ carcinoma (STIC) and its precursors have raised the question that whether all primary peritoneal cancers (PPC) are in fact of tubal origin. Therefore, the present study evaluates the frequency of STIC and its precursor lesions in cases that were(More)