Karoline Kersten

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We describe results from the first statistical study of waveform capture data during 67 interplanetary (IP) shocks with Mach numbers ranging from approximately 1-6. Most of the waveform captures and nearly 100% of the large amplitude waves were in the ramp region. Although solitary waves, Langmuir waves, and ion acoustic waves (IAWs) are all observed in the(More)
The Electric Fields and Waves (EFW) Instruments on the two Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP) spacecraft (recently renamed the Van Allen Probes) are designed to measure three dimensional quasi-static and low frequency electric fields and waves associated with the major mechanisms responsible for the acceleration of energetic charged particles in the inner(More)
[1] We present observations of low-frequency waves (0.25 Hz < f < 10 Hz) at five quasi-perpendicular interplanetary (IP) shocks observed by the Wind spacecraft. Four of the five IP shocks had oblique precursor whistler waves propagating at angles with respect to the magnetic field of 20 –50 and large propagation angles with respect to the shock normal; thus(More)
[1] We present the first observations at an interplanetary shock of large‐amplitude (> 100 mV/m pk‐pk) solitary waves and large‐amplitude (∼30 mV/m pk‐pk) waves exhibiting characteristics consistent with electron Bernstein waves. The Bernstein‐like waves show enhanced power at integer and half‐integer harmonics of the cyclotron frequency with a broadened(More)
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