Karoline Brobakke Seglem

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This study investigated the level and predictors of depressive symptoms among unaccompanied refugee minors after resettlement in Norway. Participants (N = 414) were resettled in 26 municipalities from all regions of the country. The average length of resettlement time was 3.4 years. They originated from 33 different countries, mainly Afghanistan (n = 116),(More)
Impulsive/disinhibitory personality traits have consistently been associated with externalizing symptomatology such as delinquency and substance use problems, often starting in adolescence. Yet the etiological nature of this co-occurrence is not well understood. Using a classic twin study design with selfreport data from 717 male and female twin pairs, aged(More)
Heritability estimates for adolescent anxiety vary across studies, partly depending on who is rating the symptoms. The goal of our study was to estimate genetic and environmental influences using a multi-informant design with responses from a population-based sample of adolescent twins, their mothers and their fathers (N=1394 families). Results from(More)
Studying monozygotic and dizygotic adolescent twin pairs of both sexes reared together, the present study examined the extent to which the variance in smoking involvement is attributable to genetic and environmental effects, and to what extent there are sex differences in the etiology. Questionnaire data on how often the adolescent had ever smoked tobacco(More)
AIMS To estimate genetic and environmental contributions to alcohol consumption from early adolescence to young adulthood, and test whether gender moderates these effects. DESIGN Longitudinal twin cohort design. SETTING Population-based sample from Norway. PARTICIPANTS A total of 2862 male and female twins, aged 14-22 years, were assessed at one (n =(More)
Background Sickness absence (SA) among pregnant women is high. The aim of this study was to examine whether factors known to predict SA in general also predict SA during pregnancy by estimating the association between prior mental distress and musculoskeletal pain and SA during pregnancy, and to assess the influence of familial (genetic and shared(More)
Somatic complaints in children and adolescents may be considered part of a broader spectrum of internalizing disorders that include anxiety and depression. Previous research on the topic has focused mainly on the relationship between anxiety and depression without investigating how common somatic symptoms relate to an underlying factor and its etiology.(More)
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