Karolina Tułodziecka

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OCTN2--the Organic Cation Transporter Novel family member 2 (SLC22A5) is known to be a xenobiotic/drug transporter. It transports as well carnitine--a compound necessary for oxidation of fatty acids and mutations of its gene cause primary carnitine deficiency. Octn2 regulation by protein kinase C (PKC) was studied in rat astrocytes--cells in which(More)
Palmitoylcarnitine was observed previously to promote differentiation of neuroblastoma NB-2a cells, and to affect protein kinase C (PKC). Palmitoylcarnitine was also observed to increase palmitoylation of several proteins, including a PKC substrate, whose expression augments during differentiation of neural cells—a growth associated protein GAP-43, known to(More)
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