Karolina Hanusek

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The preproghrelin gene is responsible for generating ghrelin and obestatin, two gastric peptides with opposite effects on food intake. Obestatin suppresses food intake and digestive motility through interaction with GPR39 (GPCR). Ghrelin is supposed to be a link connecting metabolism and energy homeostasis with growth as the result of activation of the(More)
Aberrant activation of protein kinases is one of the essential oncogenic driving forces inherent to the process of tumorigenesis. The protein kinase CK2 plays an important role in diverse biological processes, including cell growth and proliferation as well as in the governing and transduction of prosurvival signals. Increased expression of CK2 is a(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroid peroxidase (TPO) is essential for physiological function of the thyroid gland. The high prevalence of thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOAbs) in patients with breast cancer and their protective role had previously been demonstrated, indicating a link between breast cancer and thyroid autoimmunity. Recently, TPO was shown to be present in(More)
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