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Regions and Subsidiarity after Lisbon: Overcoming the "Regional Blindness"?
The Treaty of Lisbon has strengthened the territorial dimension of the European Union by calling for respect of the regional and local self-government and by recognizing, for the first time, the
Subnational parliaments in EU policy control: explaining the variations across Europe.
The inclusion of subnational parliaments into the Early Warning System for subsidiarity control has generated transforming dynamics in the parliamentary modus operandi in EU decentralised systems.
Differential Europeanization? Explaining the impact of the early warning system on subnational parliaments in Europe
The inclusion of subnational parliaments into the early warning system (EWS) for subsidiarity control generates transforming dynamics in parliamentary modus operandi in European Union (EU)
Regional parliamentary empowerment in EU affairs. Building an analytical framework
ABSTRACT This article analyses the effects of the Lisbon Treaty provisions for regional parliaments in EU decentralised systems by looking at the early warning system (EWS) for subsidiarity control.
The Polish Parliament and the Scrutiny of Brexit in Poland
Poland faces with Brexit the loss of one of its most important political and economic partners in the European Union (EU). Poland has had a trade surplus in goods and services with the United Kingdom
The European Citizens’ Initiative as Democratic Legitimacy-Enhancing Tool: Toward a Broader Conceptualization
The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), which allows one million citizens to prompt policy solutions, has become a beacon of hope for increasing the democratic legitimacy of the European Union. This
National parliaments as ‘multi-arena players’ in the European Union? Insights into Poland and France
ABSTRACT Have national parliaments become ‘multi-arena players’ in the field of EU affairs? Through the means of cross-country comparison of Poland and France this study probes how national
Referees for the Journal of European Integration
Esther Ademmer Johan Adriaensen Stavros Afionis Tawhida Ahmed Pinar Akman José Fernández Albertos George Andreou, Ela Gokalp Aras Natassa Athanasiadou Katrin Auel Stefan Auer Ariane Aumaitre Balado
Legitimacy through Subsidiarity? The Parliamentary Control of EU Policy-Making
Abstract This article explains the relationship between subsidiarity and legitimacy of policies designed at EU level. Through means of theoretically informed analysis this paper claims that if the