Karoliina Aho

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We describe a 31-year-old man in whom a paresis and sensory defect of the left arm developed after amputation of the index finger. The operation was performed in a bloodless field, using a pneumatic tourniquet. The sensory defect resolved in two months and the paresis in five and a half months. We consider that direct pressure produced by the tourniquet(More)
Rheumatic diseases do not usually cluster in time and space. It has been proposed that environmental exposures may initiate autoimmune responses. We describe a cluster of rheumatic diseases among a group of health center employees who began to complain of symptoms typically related to moldy houses, including mucocutaneous symptoms, nausea and fatigue,(More)
A community-based cohort comprising 150 patients with recent-onset seropositive arthritis or seronegative oligoarthritis or polyarthritis was monitored for 8 years. Of the different rheumatoid factor (RF) tests, the initial positivity in the most sensitive assays (latex slide test and IgM-RF by enzyme immunoassay) was the most reliable factor when(More)
In most patients presenting with recent-onset synovitis the course of the disease is self-limiting. On the other hand, joint damage can occur in the very early phase of the disease. With the advent of new effective antirheumatic therapies and more aggressive use of the older drugs, it has become increasingly important to distinguish between progressive and(More)
Rats with mammary cancer were imaged by scintigraphy: 10 rats with 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose ([18F]FDG) and 10 rats with [18F]F-D-galactose. The uptake of both tracers was similar in the tumors--the tumor-to-normal tissue ratio was 2.7 +/- 1.1 for [18F]FDG and 2.3 +/- 0.9 for [18F]FDGal at 120 min after injection. In addition to the tumors [18F]FDG(More)
AIM To study the prognostic value of volumetric brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at term equivalent age (TEA) and neurological examinations at TEA and at 2 years of corrected age for long-term neuromotor outcome in infants born very preterm. METHOD A total of 98 infants born very preterm were included. Structural and volumetric brain MRI and the(More)
The Mini-Finland Health Survey was designed to analyse the epidemiology of major public health problems. The study covered a representative sample of the Finnish population aged 30 years or over, and initially comprised 8 000 people. Serum rheumatoid factor was determined in 7 124 cases (89%). There were 138 cases of clinical arthritis in the series,(More)
This study was performed to assess the frequency of HLA B27 in patients with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) of varying severity and outcome by studying three patient categories: those in whom cytostatic treatment with azathioprine had been started, those with secondary amyloidosis, and those with arthroplasty of the knee or hip joints. In the first(More)
The mean half life of doxycycline given to seven patients on long-term diphenylhydantoin treatment was 7.2 +/- 0.4 hours. In five patients on long-term carbamazepine treatment the half life was 8.4 +/- 1.4 hours. In four patients on combined diphenylhydantoin and carbamazepine treatment the half life was 7.4 +/- 0.7 hours. All these were significantly(More)