Karola von Baggo

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While affect and emotion are recognised as important factors in the success of many systems, there is a lack of methods to effectively address these during evaluation. The present study explores the use of the cued-recall debrief methodology, a form of situated recall, as a method to elicit information about user affect during system use. The results(More)
Sometimes, people just like to use a system for the sake of using it. Perhaps it is fun, enjoyable, or intriguing. Emotions like these have often been neglected while formalising requirements. The study described in this paper begins to explore these emotional elements and how they can be formally addressed in the requirements and design processes as a(More)
Research and research funding organizations are becoming more and more aware of the need to conduct research that proves some form of utility to the society and has some form of practical impact. There are several different ways of making research that has practical relevance and that can contribute to changing and improving society. This talk aims at(More)
The Supreme Court of Victoria is an heritage listed building steeped in tradition and reticent to physical change. The current capability of the courtrooms to exhibit advanced technology derived evidence is substantially inadequate. This paper discusses the negative environmental impact, the inadequacies of courtroom facilities and inconsistencies in(More)
Executive Summary The ability to work in teams is an attribute highly valued by employers of information technology (IT) graduates. For IT students to effectively engage in team work tasks, the process of working in teams should be satisfying for the students. This work explored whether university students who were involved in compulsory team work were(More)
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