Karol Rosner

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Current understanding of the immunological mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of venous leg ulcers is insufficient. In this study the cellular composition of skin biopsies taken from the center, the edge, and 2 cm distant from the edge of venous leg ulcers was characterized quantitatively by immunohistochemical staining. In the epidermis the mean(More)
The third complementarity-determining region (CDR3) of immunoglobulin variable genes for the heavy chain (VH) has been shown to be shorter in length in hypermutated antibodies than in non-hypermutated antibodies. To determine which components of CDR3 contribute to the shorter length, and if there is an effect of age on the length, we analysed 235 cDNA(More)
The center, edge and distant regions of the venous leg ulcer differ in inflammatory cell composition, suggesting that these represent different developmental stages. Our goal was to determine which recruitment pathways contribute to the differences in leukocyte composition between the various ulcer regions. The multiple region biopsy approach, which enables(More)
Although uncommon, presentation of juxtaglomerular cell tumor is distinct and should allow a correct preoperative diagnosis in most patients. Typical clinical presentations include headaches, polyuria, or isolated, asymptomatic, severe hypertension. The diagnosis of a juxtaglomerular apparatus (JGA) tumor typically results from identification of plasma(More)
BACKGROUND African Americans appear relatively potassium (K(+))-deficient compared with Caucasian Americans whether on unregulated diets or on diets controlled for K(+) content. METHODS To determine whether extrarenal K(+) disposal was affected by race, KCl (0.5 mEq/kg in 0.9% saline) was infused over 48 minutes to 12 African American and 12 Caucasian(More)
Werner syndrome (WS) is a human premature aging syndrome, which is associated with high frequencies of neoplasia and genetic instability. We have examined the occurrence of microsatellite instability, which may result from defective mismatch repair, in lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from nine WS patients. Instability was measured at the D2S123 locus by(More)
Normal rat kidney (NRK) cell were found to be resistant to neoplastic transformation by diverse carcinogenic chemicals. To study chemical-retroviral co-carcinogenesis in this cells they were infected with a low multiplicity of Moloney murine leukemia virus (M-MLV). Using a single cell cloning procedure, a virus-producing clone was isolated from the infected(More)