Karol Rástocný

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NetLogo [1] is a multi-agent programming language and cross platform modelling environment for simulation of complex phenomena and is designed for both research and education. It is used across a wide range of disciplines and education levels. In this paper, though, we focus on NetLogo as a tool for creating traffic models and their simulation and present a(More)
We propose novel approach for navigation in the Semantic Web, which visualizes its repositories in two-dimensional graph of resources and their properties. Our view-based navigation helps users more easily understand and learn browsed information space. This decreases users' effort to find relevant results in similar and related resources in fast-growing(More)
A management of software development process is a crucial part of the software engineering, from which the success of software projects is dependent. This management mostly relays upon quality and freshness of software metrics, especially empirical software metrics. But empirical software metrics are sensitive to source code modifications and also to(More)
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