Karol Piatkowski

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258 foreign bodies were removed from the lower respiratory tract in ENT Department of Poznań High School of Medical Sciences between 1945 and 1997. The age ranged from 0 to 85 years, but the most numerous group (68%) was found between 0 and 10 years. 86.5% patients were admitted to hospital during first three days after inserting the foreign body. The(More)
A few derivatives of natural, bicyclic monoterpenes, which are propranolol analogs, were synthetized. Those compounds were studied pharmacologically in order to determine their toxicity, antiarrhythmic activity in selected experimental models of arrhythmia, the local anesthetic effect and influence on the cardiovascular system. The tested compounds showed a(More)
Esters of N,N-diethylaminoacetic acid and hydroxyamines, obtained from structurally different natural monoterpenes, were pharmacologically examined. It was proved that salts of the obtained compounds had local anesthetic properties in infiltration anesthesia, compounds 9, 6 and 8 having been more potent than lidocaine. Compounds 7-9 slightly increased the(More)
1496 patients with foreign bodies of esophagus, reported between 1945-1997 to ENT Department of K. Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences, were analysed. The age ranged from 0.5 to 95 years, but the most numerous group was under 5 years of age. Men outnumber women. Very detailed anamnesis, oropharynx and hypopharynx examination, neck palpation, chest(More)
An inter-individual variability in sensitivity to mutagen-induced genotoxicity was studied in respect to an estimation of larynx cancer risk. Bleomycin induced chromosome breaks were analysed in blood lymphocytes proliferating in vitro in a group of 35 larynx cancer subjects and in 18 healthy controls. A significantly higher index of chromosome breaks was(More)
In the period of 35 years 25 patients with intracranial complications of paranasal sinusitis were treated in the Department of Otolaryngology of the Karol Marcinkowski University School of Medical Sciences in Poznań. In the past 15 years the number of complications decreased annually by half. Intracranial sinusal complications were more frequently present(More)
Diabetes is often complicated by serious medical conditions which could be related to the development of auditory system and cranial nerves lesions, disorder of sound localisation and decreased olfactory and taste ability. Cranial nerve palsies in diabetes are considered as an integral part of the main disease. Twenty nine children with diabetes and(More)
The unique feature of larynx cancer epidemiology is great discrepance between men and women morbidity. This difference may be explained not only by exposition to environmental factors but also to endogenous one, i.e. sex hormone levels. In 67 patients operated for larynx cancer there were simultaneously estimated the value of estradiol (E2), progesterone(More)
Synthesis and physicochemical and pharmacological properties of 10 analogs of 2-[2-(6,6-dimethylbicyclo[3.1.1]hept-2-en-2-yl)ethoxy]N, N-diethylamino ethane (3) have been described. The compounds possess toxicity close to or lower than the parent compound--myrtecaine, have no antiarrhythmic activity but some of them (15, 16, 22, 24), similarly as compound(More)