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BACKGROUND ABCB5 is a member of the ABC protein superfamily, which includes the transporters ABCB1, ABCC1 and ABCG2 responsible for causing drug resistance in cancer patients and also several other transporters that have been linked to human disease. The ABCB5 full transporter (ABCB5.ts) is expressed in human testis and its functional significance is(More)
In order to develop targeted strategies for combating drug resistance it is essential to understand it's basic molecular mechanisms. In an exploratory study we have found several possible indicators of etoposide resistance operating in MCF7VP cells, including up-regulation of ABC transporter genes, modulation of miRNA, and alteration in copy numbers of(More)
The principle mechanism of protection of stem cells is through the expression of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters. These transporters serve as the guardians of the stem cell population in the body. Unfortunately these very same ABC efflux pumps afford protection to cancer stem cells in tumors, shielding them from the adverse effects of chemotherapy.(More)
A photo voice or photo novella is a collection of photographs and captions that tells a social story. Each photovoice project is different, and each project has a different focus. With photovoice projects, stories are told, different original photographs are captured and different outcomes are sought. Your photovoice project topic: The topic of your project(More)
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