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Predictive models of the spatial distribution and abundance of species based on habitat characteristics are finding increasing use in management and conservation. The European badger attracts interest as a model species both for conservation reasons and because of the important role the species is playing in understanding carnivore sociality. We developed a(More)
Pulp & Paper Canada T 93 107:4 (2006) ❘ ❘ ❘ 47 ISPOSAL OF SLUDGES produced from biological wastewater treatment facilities is costly for the pulp and paper industry. A novel biodrying process has been developed that raises the dryness of pulp and paper mill sludge to a solids level where it can be economically combusted in existing boilers [1]. The process(More)
Results of initial investigation of thermomechanical couplings in innovative β-Ti alloy called Gum Metal subjected to tension are presented. The experimental set-up, consisting of testing machine and infrared camera, enabled to obtain stress-strain curves with high accuracy and correlate them to estimated temperature changes of the specimen during the(More)
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