Karljohan Lundin

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In this paper a new approach to volume haptics is presented. The developed method makes use of a proxy that is constrained by ‘virtual surfaces’, defined by the local gradient at the proxy position, and not by iso-values as in other approaches to volume haptics. By using a proxy, material properties like friction, stiffness and surface penetrability can be(More)
Recently the constraint approach to proxy-based volume haptics was introduced which provided a stable and effective means of conveying information about volumetric data through a haptic instrument. In this paper we present a proof that the approach is incapable of handling nonorthogonal constraints and discuss the implications of this restriction in detail.(More)
Mucosal melanoma of the oral cavity is a rare but highly aggressive neoplasm. However, the clinicians need to be aware of the other and more frequent etiologies of intraoral pigmentation, such as amalgam tattoos. As amalgam has been extensively used for dental restorations and can cause pigmentations in the oral mucosa, this is a differential diagnosis not(More)
Computational Chemistry provides a method for the analysis of chemical systems and reactions through computational simulation and allows chemists to study interactions which cannot be examined using experimental methods. Of particular interest are the interactions between large, biologically significant molecules, such as proteins within the human body, and(More)
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