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This paper describes the development of the first text-to-speech (TTS) synthesizer for Latvian language. It provides an overview of the project background and describes the general approach, the choices and particular implementation aspects of the principal TTS components: NLP, prosody and waveform generation. A novelty for waveform synthesis is the(More)
In this work we describe a statistical morphological tagger for Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian languages based on morphological tag disambiguation. These languages have rich tagsets and very high rates of morphological ambiguity. We model distribution of possible tags with an exponential probabilistic model, which allows to select and use features from(More)
This paper reports on implementation and evaluation of English-Latvian and Lithuanian-English statistical machine translation systems. It also gives brief introduction of project scope – Baltic languages, prior implementations of MT and evaluation of MT systems. In this paper we report on results of both automatic and human evaluation. Results of human(More)
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