Karlijn J. van Stralen

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In the past 30 years there have been major improvements in the care of children with chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, most of the available epidemiological data stem from end-stage renal disease (ESRD) registries and information on the earlier stages of pediatric CKD is still limited. The median reported incidence of renal replacement therapy (RRT) in(More)
Survival analyses are commonly applied to study death or other events of interest. In such analyses, so-called competing risks may form an important problem. A competing risk is an event that either hinders the observation of the event of interest or modifies the chance that this event occurs. For example, when studying death on dialysis, receiving a kidney(More)
Established renal failure (ERF) in children and young adults is considered a rare disease. Single country data may be underpowered to show any differences or effects of treatment and therefore cooperation between countries is essential to improve the outcome of children with ERF. Until 2007 data collection on children and young adults on renal replacement(More)
We aimed to provide an overview of kidney allocation policies related to children and pediatric kidney transplantation (KTx) practices and rates in Europe, and to study factors associated with KTx rates. A survey was distributed among renal registry representatives in 38 European countries. Additional data were obtained from the ESPN/ERA-EDTA and ERA-EDTA(More)
Hypertension is a well-known complication in children on renal replacement therapy and an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease in later life. In order to define the prevalence of and risk factors for hypertension among children, we enrolled 3337 pediatric patients from 15 countries in the ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry of whom 464 were on hemodialysis,(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of childhood overweight is rising worldwide, but in children on renal replacement therapy (RRT) a poor nutritional status is still the primary concern. We aimed to study the prevalence of, and factors associated with, underweight and overweight/obesity in the European paediatric RRT population. Moreover, we assessed the evolution(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Nephropathic cystinosis (NC) is an autosomal recessive disorder occurring in one to two per 100,000 newborns. Because of the rarity of NC, long-term outcome data are scarce. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, & MEASUREMENTS 245 NC patients from 18 countries provided data to the ESPN/ERA-EDTA registry. We matched NC patients on renal(More)
BACKGROUND This article summarizes the 2012 European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association Registry Annual Report (available at www.era-edta-reg.org) with a specific focus on older patients (defined as ≥65 years). METHODS Data provided by 45 national or regional renal registries in 30 countries in Europe and bordering the(More)
BACKGROUND This study provides a summary of the 2010 European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) Registry Annual Report (available at www.era-edta-reg.org). METHODS This report includes data on renal replacement therapy (RRT) using data from the national and regional renal registries in 29 countries in Europe and(More)
BACKGROUND Growth charts based on data collected in different populations and time periods are key tools to assess children's linear growth. We analyzed the impact of geographic factors and the secular trend on height-for-age charts currently used in European populations, developed up-to-date European growth charts, and studied the effect of using different(More)