Karli Rosner

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This study shows a strong correlation between the metastatic potentials of breast carcinoma cell lines and their ectopic expression of interleukin-8 (IL-8). Correlations exist for both constitutive and induced levels of IL-8 released. A correlation was also observed between cell morphology, metastatic potential, and IL-8 profile. Metastatic lines are(More)
Cancer treatment is often complicated by resistance to conventional anti-cancer treatment and to more recently developed immunotherapy and gene therapy. These therapeutic modalities aim at activating death pathways within cancer cells. Attempts to activate the apoptotic death pathway, by overexpressing proapoptotic signals, are compromised by cancer defense(More)
No satisfactory treatment is currently available for metastatic malignant melanoma. Recently, the flavonoid quercetin was suggested as a potential treatment due to its anti-tumorogenic properties. Some of these properties appeared to correspond to those published for UVB irradiation. To determine quercetin's long-term effects, type of apoptosis, and shared(More)
BACKGROUND The heterogeneous histological features of melanoma may often overlap with melanocytic nevi. For this reason, pathologists have sought after immunohistochemistry to assist with difficult cases. Recently, Wilms' tumor 1 protein (WT1) has been suggested to differentiate between melanoma and melanocytic nevi. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to(More)
Melanoma is the leading cause of death from skin cancer in industrialized countries. Several melanoma-related biomarkers and signaling pathways have been identified; however, their relevance to melanoma development/progression or to clinical outcome remains to be established. Aberrant activation of Wnt/β-catenin pathway is implicated in various cancers(More)
We have previously demonstrated that Rad6 and β -catenin enhance each other's expression through a positive feedback loop to promote breast cancer development/progression. While β -catenin has been implicated in melanoma pathogenesis, Rad6 function has not been investigated. Here, we examined the relationship between Rad6 and β -catenin in melanoma(More)
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