Karlheinz Bretz

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The aim of this work was the development of a feed-control for a succinic acid production fed-batch process. The performed batch trials indicated a correlation between succinic acid production and base consumption pH control. Based on the metabolism of Anaerobiospirillum succiniciproducens, a theoretical correlation between base consumption and glucose feed(More)
Recently, the isolation of new health-related bioactive molecules derived from agro-food industrial by-products by means of environment-friendly extraction processes has become of particular interest. In the present study, a protein by-product from the rice starch industry was hydrolysed with five commercial proteolytic enzymes, avoiding the use of solvents(More)
Autolysis of riboflavin-producing B. subtilis can be induced by pH, lack of carbon source, and the buffer system. Stress factors like temperature shift or oxygen dearth enhance the autolysis process. After cultivation of a riboflavin-producing strain, the pH of the whole culture broth was adjusted to 6.5-7.5. At a temperature of 40 degrees C, autolysis(More)
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