Karla Moncada

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Osteosarcoma is highly resistant to current chemotherapy regimens. Novel therapeutic approaches, potentially involving targeting of specific survival pathways, are needed. We used 17-AAG to inhibit Hsp90 and rapamycin to inhibit mTOR, in the osteosarcoma cell lines, HOS and KHOS/NP. HOS and KHOS cells were treated for 24 and 48 h with 17-AAG or rapamycin(More)
Single-cell genomics is a powerful tool for determining the genetic architecture of complex communities of unicellular organisms. In areas of high transmission, malaria patients are often challenged by the activities of multiple Plasmodium falciparum lineages, which can potentiate pathology, spread drug resistance loci, and also complicate most genetic(More)
The authors report on one case of urinary schistosomiasis monitored for 22 years. It illustrated the problems posed by the "bilharzial uretero-hydronephrosis". They analyse the different therapy problems which have to have been successively solved: Low double ureteral stenosis. The difficulty to be certain of such a stenosis is recalled. The possibility of(More)
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