Karla M Gregorio-Jáuregui

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The goal of this study was to define the partitioning behavior of chitinase from Trichoderma spp. in soy lecithin liposomes, using a thermodynamic approach based on the partitioning variation with temperature. An effort has been made to define the liposomes, as well as free and immobilized enzyme stability during storage at 4 and 25 °C. The partition(More)
The interaction between influenza virus hemagglutinins and host cell with terminal sialic acid linked receptors, SA-α-2,6-Gal for human strains is important to obtain insights into this infectious disease. Sambucus nigra lectin has high affinity for SA-α-2,6-Gal receptors. The goals of this work were: to extract the SA-α-2,6-Gal receptors from porcine(More)
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