Karla Feitosa Ximenes Vasconcelos

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Since the late 1970s pyrimethamine-sulfadoxine (PS; FansidarTM Hoffman-LaRoche, Basel) has been used as first line therapy for uncomplicated malaria in the Amazon basin. Unfortunately, resistance has developed over the last ten years in many regions of the Amazon and PS is no longer recommended for use in Brazil. In vitro resistance to pyrimethamine and(More)
OBJECTIVE Typical antipsychotic drugs, mainly phenothiazines, have been associated with cataract formation for over forty years. Recently, there has been a concern about atypical antipsychotic drugs' potential for inducing this lenticular pathology. Accordingly, we sought to determine the cataract rate and other ocular side effects in patients on long-term(More)
PURPOSE In order to assess the occurrence of adverse ocular effects of antipsychotic drugs, we sought to evaluate intraocular pressure of schizophrenic patients treated with psychiatric medications. METHODS Twenty-eight outpatients with DSM-IV diagnosis of schizophrenia who met both the inclusion and exclusion criteria were submitted to an ophthalmic(More)
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