Karla B Moënne

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The Division of Vaccines and Immunization of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is promoting epidemiological surveillance of bacterial pneumonias in children in Latin America in order to generate scientific evidence to support future decisions concerning using vaccines to control such pneumonias in the countries of the Region of the Americas. The(More)
Childhood parotid swelling has a number of differential diagnosis mostly of inflammatory origin. Pneumoparotitis is an uncommon cause of parotid inflammation. It is caused by an excessive increase of intraoral pressure and secondary passage of air into the Stensen or Stenon duct and its glandular branches. Diagnostic clues can usually be obtained by a(More)
The clinical records and the ultrasound findings of 48 patients studied because of a presumptive diagnosis of acute appendicitis in a one-year period were reviewed. Ultrasound examination was performed using graded compression and high resolution probes when acute appendicitis was suspected and the clinical history or physical examination was unclear. The(More)
Satoyoshi syndrome is a rare multisystemic disease of presumed autoimmune etiology characterized by progressive painful intermittent muscle spasms, diarrhea frequently associated with malabsorption, alopecia, skeletal abnormalities and endocrine disorders with a poor long-term prognosis due to early crippling. We report a 14-year-old Chilean girl with(More)
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