Karl Y Bil'

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A set of 58 nuclearly encoded thylakoid-integral membrane proteins from four plant species was identified, and their amino termini were assigned unequivocally based upon mass spectrometry of intact proteins and peptide fragments. The dataset was used to challenge the Web tools ChloroP, TargetP, SignalP, PSORT, Predotar, and MitoProt II for predicting(More)
The main function of the photosynthetic leaf is to convert light energy into chemical energy and to assimilate CO 2 . Coordination of these functions as related to the heterogeneous leaf structure and the distribution of metabolism within the leaf has been investigated in many studies [1–5, etc.]. Presumably, after hundreds of millions of years of(More)
The rate of CO2 gas exchange, transpiration, stomatal conductivity, and efficiency of the use of water were assessed in leaves of the sugar beet (Beta vulgaris var. Saccharifera (Alef) Krass.) sprayed with 40% methanol, against the background of increasing water deficiency in soil. A decrease in the negative impact of water deficiency in experimental plants(More)
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