Karl W le Roux

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BACKGROUND Child and infant malnourishment is a significant and growing problem in the developing world. Malnourished children are at high risk for negative health outcomes over their lifespans. Philani, a paraprofessional home visiting program, was developed to improve childhood nourishment. The objective of this study is to evaluate whether the Philani(More)
Palliative care and the provision of pain relief medicine are essential components of health care, yet little research has been conducted on access to pain medicine in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. The objective of this study was to examine patient experiences and health care provider attitudes towards chronic pain and palliative care in Eastern Cape(More)
(VAT included) each (R30,00: combined volume). Cheques or postal orders should be made out to Unisa. Die menings wat deur die medewerkers uitgespreek is, is nie noodwendig die van die redaksie nie. The views expressed by the contributors are not necessarily those of the editorial staff. Geset, gedruk en uitgegee deur die Universiteit van Suid-Afrika. Set,(More)
BACKGROUND Primary Health Care in South Africa is being re-engineered to create a model of integrated care across different levels of the health care system. From hospitals to clinics, in the community and in the home, health care will focus more on prevention, health-promotion and advocacy for healthy lifestyles and wellbeing, in addition to clinical(More)
The swallowing problems of cerebral palsied children are clinically evaluated by means of subjective criteria. Little research has been done to analyse these problems objectively and scientifically. The aim of this study was to analyse the swallowing patterns of cerebral palsied children in two age groups by means of videofluorography. Ten cerebral palsied(More)
Malnourished children and babies with birth weights under 2500 g are at high risk for negative outcomes over their lifespans. Philani, a paraprofessional home visiting program, was developed to improve nutritional outcomes for young children in South Africa. One "mentor mother" was recruited from each of 37 neighborhoods in Cape Town, South Africa. Mentor(More)
BACKGROUND Concurrent epidemics of HIV, depression, alcohol abuse, and partner violence threaten maternal and child health (MCH) in South Africa. Although home visiting has been repeatedly demonstrated efficacious in research evaluations, efficacy disappears when programs are scaled broadly. In this cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT), we examine(More)