Karl W Sykora

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In this study we present new differential characteristics of NK cells expressing CD56 surface antigen in low (CD56dim) or high (CD56bright) density. In contrast to CD56bright NK cells CD56dim cells express killer cell immunoglobulin (Ig)-like receptors (KIR) such as CD158a, CD158b, and NKB1. However, c-type lectin-like receptors (KLR) CD94/NKG2 and CD161(More)
Biallelic mutations of mismatch repair genes cause constitutional mismatch repair deficiency associated with an increased risk for childhood leukemia/lymphoma. We report on a case with constitutional mismatch repair deficiency caused by a novel MSH6 mutation leading to a T-cell lymphoma and colonic adenocarcinoma at six and 13 years of age, respectively. A(More)
Without transplantation from a human leucocyte antigen-identical family donor, refractory severe aplastic anaemia (SAA) has an unfavourable prognosis. Conventional transplantation from a matched unrelated donor carries a high rate of mortality. We transplanted large numbers of highly purified CD34+ cells from matched unrelated (n = 4), mismatched unrelated(More)
The avian RNA tumour virus structural protein p12 was purified from avian myeloblastosis virus (AMV) by nucleic acid affinity chromatography to apparent homogeneity as judged from SDS--polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. A filter binding assay was used for the identification of p12. High concentrations of p12 precipitated nucleic acids out of solution in(More)
From the same batch of virus, the four major avian viral structural proteins p27, p19, p15, and p12, the reverse transcriptase, the envelope glycoprotein gp85, and the high molecular weight 70 S RNA have been recovered. All proteins, except for gp85, have been purified by use of column chromatography procedures to apparent homogeneity as judged by sodium(More)
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