Karl T. Ulrich

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I a wide variety of settings, organizations generate a number of possible solutions to a problem—ideas—and then select a few for further development. We examine the effectiveness of two group structures for such tasks—the team structure, in which the group works together in time and space, and the hybrid structure, in which individuals first work(More)
Abstract Understanding the value of a product development project is central to a firm’s choice of project portfolio. The value of a project to a firm depends not only on the project’s properties but also on the other projects being developed by the firm. This is due to interactions with other projects in the portfolio that address the same consumer need(More)
Function sharing in mechanical design is the simultaneous implementation of several functions with a single structural element. If automobiles were designed without function sharing they would be relatively large, expensive and unreliable. But because elements like the sheetmetal body implement many functions (electrical ground, structural support,(More)
There is a lot of evidence that people place great weight on online user reviews. And yet there are many reports of mischief in reviews, such as the January 2009 incident with a Belkin manager publicly offering sixty-five cents for positive reviews of their products. Is the high level of trust warranted when there are so many motives and opportunities for(More)
Many design researchers and practitioners motivate their work with the claim that 80% of the eventual manufacturing cost of a product is determined by the product design. The meaning of this assertion has not been well defined, nor has much empirical evidence been presented to support it. This paper addresses the question of how much product design(More)
A approach to innovation, parallel search, is to identify a large number of opportunities and then to select a subset for further development, with just a few coming to fruition. One potential weakness with parallel search is that it permits repetition. The same, or a similar, idea might be generated multiple times, because parallel exploration processes(More)