Karl Steinbach

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The granulocyte cell renewal system of the dog is represented by a mathematical model consisting of the following compartments: The pool of pluripotential stem cells, the committed stem cell pool, divided into a blood and a bone marrow compartment, the proliferation pool, the maturation pool, the reserve pool and the blood pool of functional granulocytes.(More)
Two hematologically normal patients with glioblastoma and six patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia received continuous 3H-thymidine infusions for 3--10 days. In autoradiographs of blood cell smears taken for 25 days or more after the beginning of 3H-thymidine administration the labeling index and the labeling intensity of granulocytes were determined.(More)
The relationship between the increase in the blood CFUc concentration after intravenous injection of dextran sulphate (DS) and the pre-existing levels of spontaneously circulating CFUc was studied in dogs. After 15 mg DS/kg body weight the CFUc numbers per ml blood rose by a factor of 3.7 over the pre-injection values, from 78 +/- 11 (SEM) to 359 +/- 50, in(More)
This paper describes the criteria to be used in the management of persons accidentally exposed to ionizing radiation for predicting whether the stem cell pool damage was reversible or irreversible. This question is of importance. If the damage was reversible, the clinical management may be restricted to symptomatic therapeutic measures (antibiotics,(More)
The effects of single-dose total-body X irradiation (TBI) on the granulocyte/macrophage progenitor cell (GM-CFC) population in bone marrow and blood of dogs were studied for dose levels of 0.78 and 1.57 Gy up to 164 days after irradiation. The blood GM-CFC concentration per milliliter was depressed in the first 7 days in a dose-dependent fashion to 5-16% of(More)
We have studied the pattern of CFU-C disappearance from the peripheral blood of normal and total-body-irradiated dogs given cryopreserved cell suspensions from bone marrow, foetal liver and peripheal blood containing known numbers of CFU-C under an autologous and allogeneic donor-recipient relationship. Only a small fraction of infused donor CFU-C could be(More)
The restoration of the granulocyte-macrophage progenitor cell (CFU-GM) compartments in blood and bone marrow, and the recovery of blood monocytes were followed for up to one year in ten beagles that had been exposed to fractionated (3 X 6 Gy) total-body irradiation before being transfused with cryopreserved fetal liver cells (FLC) from sibling donors that(More)