Karl Schmidt

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Fifty-four consecutive patients were studied prospectively with magnetic resonance imaging before microdiscectomy, and the findings correlated with clinical symptoms before and after operation. A sequestrated fragment was found in 59% of cases, a subligamentous disc sequestration in 25% and a disc protrusion in 16%. The levels operated on were L4/5 – 36%,(More)
Oral ingestion of allyl alcohol by a 55-year-old man resulted in death within 100 min. At autopsy, bloody, reddish fluid was found in mouth, larynx, esophagus, and trachea. The mucous membranes of the trachea, stomach, and duodenum were congested and inflamed. The stomach contained a pungent green-black fluid, and all internal organs exhibited a strong(More)
Omarthritiden treten häufig früh im Verlauf der rheumatoiden Arthritis auf. Aufgrund der guten Kompensationsmechanismen werden sie bei den polyartikulären Beschwerden des Rheumatikers lange als wenig störend empfunden. Sonographie und Schnittbildverfahren ermöglichen eine frühzeitige Diagnosestellung vor radiologisch erkennbaren Destruktionen. Die(More)
While a single distance or angle can be simply measured, it is a remarkable challenge to accurately determine the pose of an object in all six dimensions of X , Y, Z and pitch, roll and yaw. Conventional measurement systems include mechanical coordinate measurement systems; stereo optical systems, particularly with active LED beacons, and laser-based,(More)
Die vorliegende Studie untersucht kurz- und mittelfristige ortheseninduzierte Veränderungen von Gangparametern und schmerzbedingten Einschränkungen der Alltagsaktivitäten bei Patientinnen mit Osteoporose. Im Rahmen eines Zwei-Stichproben-Messwiederholungsdesigns erfolgten im Abstand von 3 und 6 Monaten in 2 randomisiert zugewiesenen Gruppen (Versuchs-(More)
Bone induction by implantation of decalcified bone is described by many authors. This statement was proofed by implantation of decalcified pig bone in the abdominal wall muscle of rats. An enchondral osteogenesis was found following the implantation in a time intervall of 12 weeks according to the results of many other authors. Es werden Versuche(More)
Enzymes are often used for preparation of excitable tissues. The effects of papain, trypsin, pronase, collagenase and hyaluronidase on the photoreceptor function were studied by recording of scotopic PIII responses. Each enzyme treatment diminished the amplitudes of the PIII responses with a characteristic time course. The effects of papain, collagenase and(More)
The effect of intracellularly applied anions on the function of retinal rods of the frog Rana esculenta was investigated by means of the whole-cell patch-clamp technique. When the recording pipette contained a medium based on potassium chloride, a slow spontaneous hyperpolarization was observed presumably due to a diffusional loss of the photoreceptor's(More)