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We present the findings of, to the best of our knowledge, the first survey on software testing practices carried out in Australian ICT industry. A total of 65 organizations from various major capital cities in Australia participated in the survey, which was conducted between 2002 and 2003. The survey focused on five major aspects of software testing, namely(More)
Incremental software development and delivery have been used in software projects in many ways for many years. Justifications for incremental approaches include risk amelioration, the management of evolving requirements, and end-user involvement. Incremental development, including iterative, incremental delivery, has become a norm in many sectors. However,(More)
In recent years, software engineering researchers have elevated the study of software architecture to the level of a major area of study. A review of the published literature however, shows quite clearly that a unified view of software architecture has not been forth-coming. This paper contends that the existence of a "software architecture level of design"(More)
M uch of software engineering focuses on producing systems that work to specification, with predetermined quality and performance, on time, and to budget. The bulk of our SE-badged conferences and publications reflect this natural, historic preoccupation. So, why would the TCSE propose a technical meeting focused squarely on quantifying information(More)
In today's environment, software companies are engaged in multiple projects delivered on heterogeneous platforms for a wide class of applications in disparate application domains. They are increasingly engaged in the co-development of software systems through joint software development projects including staff from partners and customers as well as their(More)