Karl Pettis

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This paper presents the results of our investigation of code positioning techniques using execution profile data as input into the compilation process. The primary objective of the positioning is to reduce the overhead of the instruction memory hierarchy. After initial investigation in the literature, we decided to implement two prototypes for the(More)
In recent years, many architectural design efforts have focused on maximizing performance for frequently executed, simple instructions. Although these efforts have resulted in machines with better average price/performance ratios, certain complex instructions and, thus, certain classes of programs which heavily depend on these instructions may suffer by(More)
The intrinsic dimensionality of a set of patterns is important in determining an appropriate number of features for representing the data and whether a reasonable two- or three-dimensional representation of the data exists. We propose an intuitively appealing, noniterative estimator for intrinsic dimensionality which is based on nearneighbor information. We(More)
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