Karl Perusich

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In modern military battlefield environments, the availability of data and information has increased exponentially. Through information and communications technology, individuals and teams can access real-time data about almost any aspect of their current conflict situation, but this instantaneous availability of information to individuals and teams in these(More)
With the increasing sources and volume of data available to an analyst, the development of decision aids is increasingly necessary to filter and format it for use by intelligence analysts. In this paper the use of fuzzy cognitive maps as such a filter will be described. The technique will be incorporated as a decision aid in Neocities; a dynamic simulation(More)
The Humanitarian Technology Challenge (HTC), a joint project of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the United Nations Foundation (UNF), was initiated in 2007 to provide a structured forum for marshalling IEEE members' extensive talent for identifying implementable, deployable, and sustainable solutions to humanitarian(More)