Karl Moody

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The Nintendo Wii Fit™ may provide an affordable alternative to traditional biofeedback or virtual reality systems for retraining or improving motor function in populations with impaired balance. The purpose of this study was to evaluate postural control strategies healthy individuals use to play Wii Fit™ videogames. Sixteen young adults played 10 trials of(More)
We introduce a generalized, efficient, and accurate power abstraction model and generation techniques for complex IP blocks. This is based on the contributor based power modeling concept, which exploits the nature of power consuming components in a design being inherently separable. The generated power abstraction is Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT)(More)
BACKGROUND The Community Mobility Assessment (CMA) is an observational assessment that evaluates safety of an adolescent with an acquired brain injury (ABI) during a community outing. It consists of a 3-point level of accomplishment scale for 40 functional items, divided into two components (physical and cognitive). The CMA identifies areas of strength and(More)
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