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A unified camera image processing system that performs zooming and full color image reconstruction for single-sensor digital cameras is introduced. Compact and low-cost single-sensor solutions often lack optical zooming capabilities and thus depend on digital techniques. However, the computational power required for high-quality output using traditional(More)
A postprocessing method for the correction of visual demosaicking artifacts is introduced. The restored, full-color images previously obtained by cost-effective color filter array interpolators are processed to improve their visual quality. Based on a localized color ratio model and the original underlying Bayer pattern structure, the proposed solution(More)
A new scheme for coding both the shape and texture of arbitrarily shaped visual objects is presented. Based on Set Partitioning on Hierarchical Trees (SPIHT), the proposed Shape and Texture SPIHT (STSPIHT) employs a novel implementation of the shape-adaptive wavelet transform (SA-DWT) using in-place lifting, along with parallel coding of texture(More)
This report presents the Secure Shape and Texture SPIHT (SecST-SPIHT) scheme for secure coding of arbitrarily-shaped visual objects. The scheme can be employed in a privacy protected surveillance system, whereby visual objects are encrypted so that the content is only available to certain entities, such as persons of authority, possessing the correct(More)
An efficient, secure color image coder incorporating Color-SPIHT (C-SPIHT) compression and partial encryption is presented. Confidentiality of the image data is achieved by encrypting only the significance bits of individual wavelet coefficients for K iterations of the C-SPIHT algorithm. By varying K, the level of confidentiality vs. processing overhead can(More)
Biometric encryption (BE) has recently been identified as a promising paradigm to deliver security and privacy, with unique technical merits and encouraging social implications. An integral component in BE is a key binding method, which is the process of securely combining a signal, containing sensitive information to be protected (i.e., the key), with(More)
This paper presents a biometric encryption system that addresses the privacy concern in the deployment of the face recognition technology in real-world systems. In particular, we focus on a self-exclusion scenario (a special application of watch-list) of face recognition and propose a novel design of a biometric encryption system deployed with a face(More)
Studien zu den direkten und indirekten Kosten von Krankheiten fallen immer noch in den Bereich der experimentellen Gesundheitsberichterstattung. Die Gründe dafür liegen in der noch ungenügenden Datengrundlage für die krankheits-, altersgruppen- und geschlechtsbezogene Zuordnung der Ausgaben für Gesundheit (direkte Kosten). Obwohl diese Probleme bei den(More)
This paper presents an efficient video filtering scheme and its implementation in a field-programmable logic device (FPLD). Since the proposed nonlinear, spatiotemporal filtering scheme is based on order statistics, its efficient implementation benefits from a bit-serial realization. The utilization of both the spatial and temporal correlation(More)
Face recognition has been employed in various security-related applications such as surveillance, mugshot identification, e-passport, and access control. Despite its recent advancements, privacy concern is one of several issues preventing its wider deployment. In this paper, we address the privacy concern for a self-exclusion scenario of face recognition,(More)