Karl-L. Schuchmann

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We report on a recent progress with the development of an automated bioacoustic bird recognizer, which is part of a long-term project, aiming at the establishment of an automated biodiversity monitoring system at the Hymettus Mountain near Athens. In particular, employing a classical audio processing strategy, which has been proved quite successful in(More)
Biogeography and taxonomy of the High-Andean hummingbird genusMetallura were analysed on the basis of geographical variation of morphometric and plumage colour characters. The genusMetallura is considered to consist of nine species and 15 subspecies. Within the speciesMetallura tyrianthina seven subspecies are recognized (smaragdinicollis(More)
With 11 currently recognised species, the genusEriocnemis (Reichenbach, 1849) is one of the most diversified Andean trochilid groups occupying mainly open montane habitats such as the edges of cloud forest or páramos. On the basis of distributional and morphological patterns, this study highlights the geographical variation and biogeography of the taxon.(More)
Während brutbiologischer Untersuchungen 1988 und 1989 an 2 Nestern der Purpurkopfelfe (Heliothryx barroti) an der pazifischen Seite der Westanden Kolumbiens (200 m NN; 03°46′N/77°10′W) wurde beim Abfliegen vom Nest eine Verhaltensweise beobachtet, die an ein herabfallendes Blatt erinnert. Die Übereinstimmung der Gleitgeschwindigkeiten von Kolibri und(More)
We examined the Chaetocercus and Lophornis holdings of 21 European, US and South American avian collections. Only skin specimens with exact (to the year) collecting dates and reliable locality data on their labels, which could be checked personally, were analysed. We located 466 Chaetocercus and 373 Lophornis specimens collected between the years 1859 and(More)
Im Rahmen einer ökologischen Untersuchung über ,Inseleffekte" der Trochilidenfauna am geographisch isolierten Voltzberg-Massiv (4°40'N/56° 1 I'W) in S-Suriname hatte ich 1982 Gelegenheit, an einem Gemeinschaftsbalzplatz von 26 c~ des Cayenne-Felsenhahnes (Rupicola rupicola) das Nahrungsspektrum dieser Kotinga näher zu untersuchen. Meine Beobachtungszeit am(More)