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Storage and transportation of hydrogen is a major obstacle for its use as a fuel. An increasingly considered alternative for the direct handling of hydrogen is to use carbon dioxide (CO2) as an intermediate storage material. However, CO2 is thermodynamically stable, and developed chemical catalysts often require high temperatures, pressures, and/or(More)
We report on a recent progress with the development of an automated bioacoustic bird recognizer, which is part of a long-term project, aiming at the establishment of an automated biodiversity monitoring system at the Hymettus Mountain near Athens. In particular, employing a classical audio processing strategy, which has been proved quite successful in(More)
Computer-assisted species recognition facilitates the analysis of relevant biological information in continuous audio recordings. In the present study, we assess the suitability of this approach for determining distinct life-cycle phases of the Southern Lapwing Vanellus chilensis lampronotus based on adult vocal activity. For this purpose we use passive(More)
We report on a research effort aiming at the development of an acoustic bird activity detector (ABAD), which plays an important role for automating traditional biodiversity assessment studies – presently performed by human experts. The proposed on-line ABAD is considered an integral part of an automated system for acoustic identification of bird species,(More)
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