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Comparison of LES Models Applied to a Bluff Body Stabilized Flame
Present-day demands on combustion equipment are increasing the need for improved understanding and prediction of turbulent combustion. Large Eddy Simulation (LES), in which the large-scale flow isExpand
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Large eddy simulation and laser diagnostic studies on a low swirl stratified premixed flame
This paper presents numerical simulations and laser diagnostic experiments of a swirling lean premixed methane/air flame with an aim to compare different Large Eddy Simulations (LES) models forExpand
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Large Eddy Simulations of a piloted lean premix jet flame using finite-rate chemistry
A Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model capable of accurately representing finite-rate chemistry effects in turbulent premixed combustion is presented. The LES computations use finite-rate chemistry andExpand
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Effects of confinement on premixed turbulent swirling flame using large Eddy simulation
This paper utilises large eddy simulation (LES) to study swirling reacting flows by comparison with experimental observations. The purpose is to provide further insights in engineering designs, asExpand
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CFD analysis of the scavenging process in marine two-stroke diesel engines
The scavenging process is an integral part of any two-stroke internal combustion engine regardless of being spark ignited (SI) or compression ignited (CI). The scavenging process is responsible forExpand
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Large eddy simulation and experiments of stratified lean premixed methane/air turbulent flames
This paper presents a joint large eddy simulation and laser diagnostic investigation of premixed turbulent low swirl flames. A lean premixed methane/air mixture, of the equivalence ratio 0.60-0.66,Expand
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Structure and stabilization mechanism of a stratified premixed low swirl flame
This paper presents numerical and experimental investigations of the structure and stabilization of a low swirl turbulent stratified lean premixed methane/air flame. Large-eddy simulations areExpand
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Numerical computations and optical diagnostics of unsteady partially premixed methane/air flames
The structures and dynamics of unsteady laminar partially premixed methane/air Bunsen flames are studied by means of numerical simulations, OH and CH PLIF imaging, and high speed chemiluminescenceExpand
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An accelerated computation of combustion with finite-rate chemistry using LES and an open source library for In-Situ-Adaptive Tabulation
Abstract In this paper, a modified version of the latest implementation of In-Situ-Adaptive-Tabulation (ISAT) algorithm, ISAT-CK7, is introduced and linked to OpenFOAM for accelerating chemicalExpand
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