Karl-Johan Karlsson

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Despite the frequent use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) microprocessors throughout the avionics community today, many companies still struggle with choosing the right ones for their forthcoming projects. This paper discusses selection issues concerning the possibilities to use COTS microprocessors (CPUs) in safety critical applications. Issues addressed(More)
This paper discusses the additional design assurance strategies stated in RTCA/DO-254, Appendix B - "Design assurance considerations for level A and level B functions." In particular, we address the use of formal specification languages such as the property specification language (PSL) in combination with dynamic (simulation) and static (formal)(More)
The Microsoft Xbox is a successful gaming console that attempts to include strong copyright protection. We present an overview of the copyright protection schemes and their weaknesses and discuss possible alternative designs for them. We conclude that while the Xbox design is technically flawed, and may be impossible to correct, it is economically quite(More)
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